Belleville Wix Academy


As a school community we work in an environment that promotes our CARE values and demonstrates a shared respect, trust and understanding of each other. We are very proud of our high standards of behaviour and our high expectations. We want every child to be happy and ready for the next stage of their education and beyond.

Pupils at BWA learn in a calm environment. As a school we adopt a positive, proactive approach towards behaviour. We always seek to maximise opportunities to reinforce models of positive behaviour. Pupils are helped and encouraged to make good choices. Our clear systems and routines support excellent behaviour, and strategies to pre-empt any issues. These are set out in our Behaviour Policy.


Our Behaviour Policy is based on Making the Right Choices and has six key principles.


All (pupils and adults) will make the right choices to ensure that everyone:

1. Is kept and feels safe

2. Can learn

3. Feels welcome and valued

To be able to make the right choices, pupils need to understand and (appropriate to their age/development stage) be able to explain/reflect/act upon:

4. What the right choice is

5. Why this is the right choice (i.e. how it supports points 1, 2 and 3)

6. How to take responsibility for their choices


Rewarding the right choices
We constantly praise pupils for making the right choice. Reward systems based on praise are used in all classes to encourage good work and behaviour. All classes have their own Class Rules. These are drawn up by the class and adults in the class. Each charter sets out the responsibilities for everybody in the classroom in order to protect the rights of those individuals in the class. All class charters are age appropriate so all pupils can access and engage with it.

Every week we hold an Excellent Learner celebration assembly where we present pupils with certificates to reward excellent work, effort and choices based on our Excellent Learner traits and CARE values. 


Addressing the wrong choices
If a pupil makes the wrong choice, we address these as they arise. All staff are aware of the importance of dealing with any behavioural incidents quickly and effectively. Systems are in place for managing issues in the classroom and in the playground. Pupils are always given time to calm down (if needed) and to discuss and resolve any problems that may have arisen.

We guide pupils through discussion appropriate to their age/stage, starting with “Are you making the right choice?” We support them to think through the consequence of their choice, how they can fix any issues and how they can make the right choice in the future. For the vast majority of children, for the vast majority of the time, this will be enough to achieve excellent standards of behaviour.

You can download our behaviour policy and anti-bullying policy from the Policies section