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At BWA, we aim to provide a history curriculum that will inspire the children’s curiosity and fascination about the world and the people in it. We hope to enable each child to reach their full potential through a variety of learning activities, trips and projects.

In both KS1 and KS2, history is taught in a cross-curricular way throughout the academic year when possible. Children are taught different key skills as they progress through the school. We follow the national Curriculum for History.

Our curriculum ensures pupils understand that:

History is the process of enquiry:

• the search for evidence

• the examination of evidence

• the recording of evidence

• the interpretation and weighing of different sorts of evidence

History is the product of imaginative reconstruction:

• because evidence is nearly always incomplete and fragmentary, we imagine (speculate, hypothesise) how it might have been and we fill in the gaps left by the evidence.

History is describing and explaining the past:

• having synthesised the narrative and arguments based on evidence. History is NOT presenting the past as a series of uncontested facts or literal