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Physical Education

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We employ specialist PE teachers and sports coaches and all children from Year 1 to Year 6 receive at least 2 hours of specialist coaching per week. Our PE provision includes Cricket, Football, Rugby, Netball, Athletics, Dance, Gymnastics and Swimming, as well as general fitness and multi-skills coaching.





Our curriculum adheres to the expectations of the National Curriculum which has been adapted by our Specialists to enhance the speed at which children are able to learn the basic skills to become proficient in each of our specialisms.

In Key Stage One each child is exposed to the basic skills in:

Multi Skills (Teamwork, Catching, Throwing, Tactics)
Cricket (Catching, Throwing, Grips, Bowling & Batting)
Football (Kicking, Running, Dribbling, Balance)
Athletics (Balance, Jumping, Skipping, Distance and Sprint Runs)
Netball (Catching, Throwing, Footwork, Shooting)

Dance (Copying, selecting, remembering and repeating sequences of movements. Developing to responding imaginatively to a variety of stimuli demonstrating a wide range of actions with precision, control and fluency.  Exploring body, action, space, time and energy individually, with a partner and in small groups).

During the course of Key Stage Two, children will partake in Outdoor & Adventurous Activities, Football, Netball, Rugby, Athletics and Cricket. Swimming is taught at Latchmere Leisure Centre to all pupils in Year 4.



All our children are assessed against bespoke criteria that each Specialist has created for their subject. These assessments are then translated into more traditional Levels that can be recorded and tracked to ensure each child is making excellent progress and achieves the highest attainment targets we can set them.


After School provision

We offer a range of after school clubs which we encourage pupils to sign up for.