Belleville Wix Academy

Our Learning


At Belleville Wix Academy we offer your children high quality, well-resourced and carefully structured provision. We have an excellent broad and balanced curriculum with a strong, daily focus on the core subject areas of reading, writing and mathematics. English and Maths are each taught for an hour every day. In addition we provide guided reading and reading enrichment at other times during the week. Pupils are provided with appropriate academic challenges.

Children also benefit from an excellent high quality specialist subject provision. For example, we employ specialist teachers to teach PE, music, art, ICT and modern foreign languages. 

Pupils have opportunities to learn through a wide range of educational visits and events, including a residential trip in Year 6. There is a shared drive to constantly review, improve and enrich our curriculum to ensure learning is relevant and exciting for all pupils. We have a relentless drive for excellence and equality, always seeking to improve the education we offer your children.  

Children in our bilingual stream follow the same curriculum as our English stream children in the core subjects, whilst learning the foundation subjects (History, Geography and Science) in collaboration with our French colleagues, so far as is possible. 

You can find some teaching and learning policies on our Policies page, including Phonics, Reading, Handwriting and Feedback.