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Overview, aims and objectives

English occupies the largest part of our timetable of any subject with one hour a day of English lessons. In addition, even more time is set aside to develop reading skills explicitly. We structure each year group to ensure a balance of English themes and topics in each year group and a progression of skills across the school. We link work to other areas of the curriculum where this is most appropriate but also teach purely text-based literature units of work, poetry and non-fiction.

Our aim is that all children

 - are excellent communicators
 - are literate and
 - develop a love of language and literature


National Curriculum Objectives for English

The objectives for English for each year group can be downloaded below. For each objective/step, there is a child-friendly "I can..." statement in italics underneath. The key objectives are in bold type.

YEAR 1 - English & Writing
YEAR 1 -English, Reading & Spoken Language

YEAR 2 - English & Writing
YEAR 2 -English, Reading & Spoken Language

YEAR 3 - English & Writing
YEAR 3 -English, Reading & Spoken Language

YEAR 4 - English & Writing
YEAR 4 -English, Reading & Spoken Language

YEAR 5 - English & Writing
YEAR 5 -English, Reading & Spoken Language

YEAR 6 - English & Writing
YEAR 6 -English, Reading & Spoken Language