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Children can choose each term to have a school lunch or bring a packed lunch.

If you choose packed lunches:

We strongly encourage healthy eating and ask parents who send packed lunches to include fruits or raw vegetables. Sweets, crisps and fizzy drinks are not allowed to be brought in as part of lunch. ​
The NHS advises that a healthier lunchbox should:

  • be based on starchy carbohydrates (bread, potatoes, rice, pasta)
  • include fresh fruit and vegetables/salad
  • include a source of protein such as beans and pulses, eggs, fish, meat, cheese (or dairy alternative)
  • include a side dish such as a low-fat and lower-sugar yoghurt (or dairy alternative), tea cake, fruit bread, plain rice/corn cakes, homemade plain popcorn, sugar-free jelly
  • include a drink such as water, skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, sugar-free or no-added-sugar drinks

If you choose school lunches: Lunch Menu

School lunches cost £2.30 per day.

Payment: We use Schoolcomms at to provide a payment service for school meals. This is a secure online payment service. You can access it at any time, track how much you have paid, what is outstanding and make payments directly to us using your debit or credit card.
 - You will need to register for a School Gateway account, using the email address and mobile number we have on record for you. When you have entered your email address and mobile number, select the Send PIN button, and a PIN number will be sent to your mobile phone. You can then use this PIN number to log into the School Gateway and view/ make payments.
- You will be notified by text or email of any requests for payment.  Simply log in using your email address and your PIN number, select the payment request(s) you wish to fulfil and follow the Wizard through to pay.
- You can see a record of the payments that you have made and receipts are sent to your registered email address for all transactions you make. 
- You will be able to see your current meal balance and receive reminders to top up when you are getting low.
- If you have more than one child at Belleville Wix Academy (or any other school that also uses the schoolcomms payment system) you can merge the accounts, so one log-in gives you access to all your children’s payment requests and history.
- Your card details are not visible or stored in the Schoolcomms or school system. All card information is processed by Barclaycard.

If you have any questions about this, please contact the school office.