Belleville Wix Academy


School Attendance and Punctuality

Article ImageRegular attendance and punctuality are essential components of a child’s education. In order to make the most of the learning opportunities provided within school, children need to have the continuity of provision which consistent attendance allows. We are committed to working with our families to ensure every pupil reaches their full potential not only academically but also socially and emotionally though regular attendance at school. Our Attendance Policy sets out our expectations.

We expect all pupils to attend school every day and to be on time. Periods of absence and poor punctuality are disruptive to a child’s learning and send poor messages about the value of education. We ask parents and carers to support us in ensuring their pupils do not miss out through unnecessary absences.

All pupils’ attendance and punctuality is monitored. Any child who attends school less than 90% of the time is considered to be a Persistent Absentee and a referral to Educational Welfare will be made for them. Further information can be found in the Department for Education's Working together to improve school attendance guidance and Wandsworth Council's School Attendance Advice.


Celebrating good attendance and punctuality

At BWA we celebrate excellent attendance. At the end of every term pupils who have attended school every day receive a 100% badge to wear with pride on their uniform.

Bronze 100% Badge is awarded to pupils who have been in school every day for one term.

Silver 100% Badge is awarded to pupils who have been in school every day for two terms.

Gold 100% Badge is awarded to pupils who have been in school every day for the whole school year.



Punctuality is an important life skill. It is also polite. The school day start times are shared with families and are available here. Any pupil arriving 5 minutes after their allotted slot will be late and must enter the school building via the main office, with an adult. They will be recorded as being late after the close of morning register.  Punctuality will be monitored.

Pupils who are consistently late are disrupting not only their own education but also that of the other pupils. If your child has a persistent late record, you will be asked to speak with the Headteacher, or Assistant Head to resolve the problem, but you can approach us at any time if you are having problems getting your child to school on time.


If you know your child will be late or absent, for example due to a hospital appointment or school visit, please provide the office with the relevant appointment letter in advance of the absence. Letters regarding absence should be handed in to the office and not the class teacher. This will enable us to keep all documentation regarding your child’s absences on file. All absences not reported to the school will be recorded as unauthorised, until the reason for your child not being at school is established.

Please be advised that where possible doctors and dentists appointments are to be made outside of school hours or during school holidays.


Please report your child’s absence in person or by telephone to the School Office on 020 7228 3055 as early as possible and before 9.00am. Please refer to National Health Service guidance if you are unsure whether your child should remain at home. If your child has been physically sick, or had diarrhoea, then they should be kept off school for 48 hours.


Collection Arrangements
It is essential that the school knows if there is any change in collection arrangements for your child. Please ring the School Office on 020 7228 3055 as soon as possible and before 2.30pm. If there are any last minute changes, e.g. someone other than the person known to staff is to collect your child at the end of the day. Calling before 2.30pm is important as it allows time for us to get messages to classrooms before the end of the day.



Holidays are expected to be taken during the school holidays and parents do not have a right to take their child out of school for holidays during term time. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of Headteacher.

All requests for absence are treated sympathetically and only in exceptional circumstances will they be approved. A Leave of Absence form should be completed in the case of any request for leave, including holidays and should be emailed, or handed in, to the School Office. Holidays during term time are not allowed and will be classified as unauthorised.