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Application Procedure and Key Dates

For all details on the application process, please refer to Wandsworth Council’s publication: ‘Choose a Wandsworth Primary School’ 2019 (copies available at Open Day) or visit the Wandsworth Council website

Academy Status

On 1st August 2017 we became an academy. However our admission criteria remain the same as Wandsworth Council’s publication.

Last year's admissions

Whilst there is a degree of variation year on year, the 2018 information may help to give some indication of the proximity factor in determining offers. 74 places were available (60 English, 14 Bilingual). Places were allocated by the following priorities:

  1. Priority 1 - Looked after children
  2. Priority 2 - Exceptional medical or social need
  3. Priority 3 – Siblings (children with a sibling on roll at Belleville Wix at the date of their entry).
  4. Priority 4 – Distance from school

Places continue to be offered as and when they become available. 

Nursery: There were part-time and full time places offered this year.

If you require a full time nursery place, please check here to see if you are eligible, before applying.

Click here for a nursery application or come in to the school office.