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Our Religious Education and Worldviews (REW) curriculum enables pupils to learn both about and to learn from concepts of faith and values.  It embraces a wide range of sometimes conceptually challenging ideas and belief systems, including not just religious and spiritual ideas, but also cultural and moral areas of the human experience.  Accordingly, the curriculum is designed to ensure that pupils learn and develop their understanding in an age-appropriate way, through a mixture of faith-specific and themed units.  

Our EYFS pupils focus predominantly on their personal experiences of customs, traditions and beliefs, as well as developing their understanding of kindness, helping others and making good choices. This is expanded in KS1, where pupils reflect upon and further build their sense and understanding of Belonging and Rules, as well as learning about the key monotheistic religions. Christianity, Islam and Judaism are taught separately at this age.

Pupils reference and elaborate upon the knowledge they have acquired in KS1 in KS2, where they are also introduced to Sikhism, Hinduism and the concept of polytheism, and Buddhism and the concept of religion without a deity. The common themes of empathy, tolerance, kindness and respect are developed as pupils learn about each faith. In Lower KS2 abstract concepts, such as Right and Wrong, are taught with reference to pupils' increasing REW knowledge and in preparation for themes based on Life's Big Questions and what it means to be a human being in Upper KS2.    Humanism is taught alongside pupils' learning about the international human rights outcomes from the horrors of World War II. 

By the end of Year 6, and in conjunction with our PSHCE curriculum, our REW curriculum enables pupils to learn about and reflect upon issues of empathy, tolerance, respect and understanding of the worldviews of others, as well as supporting pupils to develop their own values and belief systems. 


Download our Q1E Religious Education and Worldviews Curriculum Overview

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