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At BWA, we aim to provide an art curriculum that will enable each child to reach their full potential in learning art through research into inspirational artists, as teaching our children the key artistic skills which they can then apply to their own beautiful artworks.

In Early years, Art is part of the curriculum on a daily basis. The Early year’s team aim to develop children’s understanding of key skills such as painting, colouring and collaging through hands on experiences. These experiences are cross curricular and are related to the children’s topic or story of the week.

In KS1 and KS2, we have resident artists who teach children a wide variety of key skills as they progress through the school. In KS1, children spend time exploring shape, form, space, colour and texture, whilst in KS2, the children move on to investigating visual and tactile qualities in materials and processes. Expert teachers lead our children through an exploration of art, both past and present, in turn inspiring them to craft a range of work both inspired and inspirational. We follow the national Curriculum for Art.