Belleville Wix Academy

Our Learning

Year Groups

Belleville Wix Academy is unique in hosting three streams on site: an English stream, a French stream and a bilingual stream. Each of the streams has one class per year group, from Year 1 to Year 6. For the first time this year we have added a second English reception class due to the high numbers of applicants on our waiting list.

 - We deliver the English stream in line with the English curriculum.

 - We share our site with école de Wix, a French primary school which delivers the French stream, in accordance with the French curriculum.

 - Our schools jointly deliver a bilingual stream. For bilingual classes, half the week is taught in English by Belleville Wix Academy teachers; and half the week is taught in French, by école de Wix teachers.

In addition we have two part time Nursery classes.