Belleville Wix Academy

Our Learning


Pupils learn how to communicate effectively in a wide range of writing styles. We ensure the pupils have exciting and stimulating things to write about in different aspects of our curriculum.  We make sure they are taught the skills necessary but also ensure they are experts in a subject before writing so everyone has ‘something to say’ and know ‘how to say it’.

Pupils are exposed to a range of different texts, videos and experiences to help them write purposeful, relevant pieces of work.  They learn how to organise their own work so it suits the purpose and will be aware of who will be reading their work.

Pupils are given personal writing targets and are taught to edit and improve their writing and do so regularly. 

They respond to the school’s marking codes and use green pen to improve their work from Reception onwards. The independence and responsibility shown in this ability to edit and improve their work is emphasised and celebrated throughout the school and results in pupils becoming highly independent, effective and reflective writers. 


Grammar and Punctuation

Pupils are taught about the way language works through their reading and writing and discuss the differences in spoken language and the written word. Specific grammar and punctuation content is assigned to particular year groups and matches the national curriculum expectations from 2014. 



Writing policy
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