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Remote Learning

Additional Support Activities

Handwriting tips

Please watch these short videos which can help your child to produce beautiful handwriting. There is also tips included to help ensure that they are sitting with the correct posture for writing and adopting the correct pencil grip. This is not only important in maintaining comfort for writing at length, but can also aid children in motivation as well.

Support for parents with questioning in reading
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Stay active at home.

Staying fit, healthy and active during this time is very important. It has huge benefits not just for our physical health but also our mental well-being, concentration and it makes us feel great! Mr Bartlett has collated some fantastic websites, ideas and online offerings which are available here. Building them into your daily routine will ensure you keep your body and mind working to it's full potential. Anyone in the family can have a go and they're all completely free! Let your teacher know which activities you tried on SeeSaw.