Belleville Wix Academy

Remote Learning

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The aims of our remote learning provision is to:

- be as close to our school learning as possible

- give a broad balance of subjects, supported and independent work

- be manageable at home

- enable our children to show they are ‘excellent learners’

- support feedback and connection between school and home



We have provided a number of things to help your child keep learning when self-isolating.

Q1E Current home learning

Remote Learning Lessons

Each year group have remote learning lessons with resources, video links and explanation videos from the teachers. This is emailed to parents/carers each week and is also put on the Belleville Wix Academy website.

We expect and encourage the children to complete all of the activities over the week so that they are all in the same place when we eventually are all back at school. The days are a suggestion and also indicate which lesson will be the focus for the live explanations (see below). Parents and carers may of course choose to do this in a different way that best suits their family and circumstances.

Maths (Years 1 – 6)

Parents and carer can access the Maths No Problem textbooks and workbooks online by following this link SELF SIGN UP .

When on the website, please enter the access code for your class, sent separately.

You will need to enter your name and email and then follow the instructions to be able to view the books. There is a video explaining how to use the Maths No Problem textbooks and workbooks here: VIDEO


We would like children to share their work with their teacher regularly via Seesaw. We know that this can be time consuming for parents/carers and we really appreciate your support in helping them to do this.

The teachers will review and acknowledge each piece of work, comment on and support any mistakes and provide more detailed feedback on the key pieces. This may be written or in the form of a voice note.